On March of 2020, I participated in an online art challenge called #MarchofRobots. The theme required the artist to design a robot everyday of March. Looking to improve various skills, I took on the challenge. Given my love for the game No Man's Sky, I wanted to conceptualize new robot characters and entities for the game, as if I was one of their concept artists. 
I took into account No Man's Sky's lore and world building to be as consistent to its story, characters, and art style. Most are a mix of 3D and Photoshop using images I took of the game to provide me a quick background. Some, especially towards the start of the month, were created using only Photoshop for the robot designs. 
By the end of March, I had created 21 distinct robot designs. Some expanded the race of the orange Sentinels. Others were strange robots abandoned on mysterious worlds, or robots sent out by the Atlas. 
The challenge was well-worth it--creating 3D robots rapidly and compositing them into a finished concept art was a test of my skills to conceptualize with speed while also learning how to use shaders, nodes and textures in Blender.  

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