Shadow Field Thumbnails and Sketches for the starting world, Fwylar. 
These are initial designs for the player's starting place. I was inspired by Venetian architecture and windows and the large overhanging roofs of modern day architecture. The starting world has a poverty crisis--many of the nicer structures are surrounded by slums and makeshift shelters. Most of the city is unkempt. 
The city itself is built around a giant terraforming machine. 
The exploration of structures above are some earlier sketches for the starting city. I wanted to blend some of the curving modern day architecture we see in western civilization with older Brutalist architecture.
Old Shadow Field Concept + Design Mock up
Left: One of the first concepts for Shadow Field. I was aiming for a very unrealistic universe of strange worlds, bleeding planets and space empires.

Right: Quickly mocked up a style sheet of decals for the Old Pact structures. 
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